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The Activity Guides listed on our website provide your program with hands-on interactive icebreakers and fuller activities that allow girls and boys to explore and dream into their futures while learning about the world of work and how their home and community lives are connected.

2019 Activity Guides

Take The Career Ideas Challenge - Chef
Take The Career Ideas Challenge - Chef
Take The Career Ideas Challenge - Marine Biologist
Take The Career Ideas Challenge - Marine Biologist
Take The Career Ideas Challenge - Electrical Lineworker
Take The Career Ideas Challenge - Electrical Lineworker
The World of Work series is part of a middle grade career exploration collection offered by Bright Futures Press. The collection includes 43 titles organized into 5 high-energy, high-interest series. The books are ideal for use with students in grades 4 – 7. For more information or to download free classroom activity guides for each of the series, visit:

Explore The World of Work
TODASTW Day 2019 Show And Tell Book Please download our 2019 Show & Tell Book and use it on the big day!


2018 Activity Guides

TODASTWF® What I want to Be When I Grow Up Show and Tell Book TODASTWF® What I want to Be When I Grow Up Show and Tell Book


Don't miss new activity assets generously provided by 2017 contributors PBS and Chevron!

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TODASTWF® Activity Guide iPiggiBank Earn & Save Worksheet
iPiggiBank Earn & Save Activity Guide



TODASTWF® Activity Guide iPiggiBank Budget Worksheet
iPiggiBank Budget Worksheet Activity Guide


Traditional Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Activity Guides:


TODASTWF® Elementary School Activity Guide
TODASTWF® Elementary School Activity Guide



TODASTWF® Middle School Activity Guide
TODASTWF® Middle School Activity Guide



2017 TODASTWF® High School Activity Guide
TODASTWF® High School Activity Guide


Other TODASTWF® Guides:


Career Girls Event Facilitator Guide
Career Girls®
Event Facilitator Guide



Barnet Bain Activity Guide - Elementary and Junior High
Barnet Bain Activity Guide:
Elementary and Junior High



Barnet Bain Activity Guide - Teens and Adults
Barnet Bain Activity Guide:
Teens and Adults



NC State Challenge Level 1 STEM Guide
NC State Challenge Level 1 STEM Guide



NC State Challenge Level 2 STEM Guide
NC State Challenge Level 2 STEM Guide



NC State Challenge Level 3 STEM Guide
NC State Challenge Level 3 STEM Guide


National Endowment for Financial Education® Financial Literacy Guides:


NEFE HSFPP Activity Guide- Challenge Level 1

NEFE® HSFPP Activity Guide



NEFE HSFPP Student Guide Module 3 Earning Power
NEFE® HSFPP Student Guide Module 3: Earning Power


Additional Guide Supplements:

Challenge 3A:
My Education Options

Challenge 3B:
Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

Challenge 3C:
My Accomplishments

Challenge 3D:
Planning For My Career


Bright Ideas Guide: This helpful planning and activities guide was previously available through purchase but is now free to download. It includes The “Who We Are” Wall, Success Statues, Happiness Mini-Quilt, Making A Difference: Interviews, The Caring Tree, Guess Who? And much more.

Bright Ideas Guide
Official TODASTW®
Bright Ideas Guide


A Day in the Life of a Professional activity was developed by Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development and submitted by Karen Brown, Program Chairperson.

Activities for Individuals: Up for a fun challenge? Give these five new activities a try to learn more about ways you can make a positive difference in your world- and in the future work world! Try these activities on your own or with a friend or parent.

Science Activities: Students engage in four short activities to spark imaginative, inventive thinking. They take an “invention walk”; jumpstart their imaginations through brainstorming; play a game to learn how to think “outside the box”; and work collaboratively in “R&D” teams to meet a simple design challenge!

Activity Icebreakers: Includes Moving Questions, 22th- Year Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Reunion, and up/Down: What we have in common.

Making Choices for a Better World Activity Book: An activity guide for girls and boys containing the “Going Green Pledge”, “Going Green Quiz”, and various activities related to the Election process and Making Better Choices.

Activity Guide 1: Includes Conversation Café, What Do You Think? , Imagining the Future, Ask the Adults, and Bingo Icebreaker. This guide also provides background information, suggestions on how to organize the activities at your workplace, and instructions on how to prepare for the Day.

  • Conversation Café: Children are often asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This activity goes a step further and asks young participants to consider what their future workplace will look like. Will you work indoors or outside? Will your job be fun or boring? The children will also think through what they want their home lives to be like. Do you envision your home in the city, suburbs, or country? Do you plan to have a pet?
  • What Do You Think? This activity draws on the findings of an FWI study, Ask the Children: The Breakthrough Study That Reveals How To Succeed at Work and Parenting. Girls and boys will answer questions from the survey about their future home and work lives, adding in how young people think about what the roles of women and men should be in each place. At the conclusion of the activity, participants get to compare their answers to the national results.
  • Imagining the Future: Through a dynamic problem-solving activity, children will build awareness of how they might approach the challenges of managing work and family life. Participants will be asked to find solutions for problems like whether to work late to finish an important project or attend your child’s school play.
  • Ask Adults: This activity turns young people into reporters and gives them the opportunity to interview adults about their experiences in managing work and home life. It will be interesting to see how adults’’ answers compare to the young participants’ ideas!
  • Bingo: This pop culture icebreaker helps girls and boys become more comfortable with one another when they first come together as a group. In addition it aids them in becoming relaxed in their new environment for the day.

Activity Guide 2: Includes A Day in A Life, Co-authors, and Framing Your Wish.

  • A Day in A Life: In this fun story-telling game, young participants select verbs/adjectives/nouns that fill in the blanks to complete a work-life story. Without looking at the story, participants choose the words, thus creating an engaging, thought-provoking and often funny story. Upon reading the story, the activity will culminate in a group discussion on work life and family life. The participants will complete the story one more time, this time carefully selecting their words to demonstrate their attitudes toward work and family life.
  • Co-Authors: The goal of this creative exercise is for girls and boys to develop a story as a group that demonstrates a day-in-a-life of a parent as she or he navigates through work life and family life. The goal of the exercise is for the young participants to imagine what work-life is like, especially through the eyes of their parents. In turns, each young person develops a sentence of the story. Parameters of the story can be set before they start. Once a brief story is completed, if time permits, the same group can create the same story, but this time, from their own perspective.
  • Framing Your Wish: Facilitators lead a discussion on work life and family life allowing the group of daughters and sons to share their attitudes, experiences, views, wishes and hopes. Based on the discussion and their own personal views of their parents’ workplace and work-life navigation, the participants create a drawing or poem reflecting their work-family life wish.


National Federation of Independent Business- Young Entrepreneur Foundation


The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Young Entrepreneur Foundation (YEF) promotes the lessons of free enterprise to build the next generation of small business owners and entrepreneurs.