Coordinator's Checklist

Ever wish you had a list of “things to do” to plan for Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day? Well, now you do! The following checklist will provide you with tasks to complete prior to the event. The checklist starts three to six months out and goes until the day before April 22nd, 2021.

NOTE: This list was created to assist you with the process and outlines suggestions for your Day. If you choose to utilize this tool you may want to customize the list to reflect specifics of your Day.

Get Approval:
Notify the executive office that you will be planning Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day, which will be held on the fourth Thursday in April. If this is the first time your workplace will have an organized day, ask the management team for approval to plan this program. Inform them of the office sentiment and the benefits that participation brings. For example, boosting employee morale, great mention in recruitment materials, and demonstrates company’s commitment to the community.
Explore Official Website & Download Activities:
Find planning tips, ideas for the day, activities, the theme (normally available in the fall), and other resources at
Announce Participation:
Create/send a “Save the Date” email to the company announcing that your workplace will participate in the program. Invite people to help you organize the event, volunteer to assist on day of, and to sign up if they would like to bring a girl or boy.
Create a Planning Committee:
The committee should be made up of different departments and employment levels within your organization. The committee function will determine what the Day will look like, how many volunteers are needed, what activities will be implemented, if you will have an outside speaker from our Speakers Bureau, if your workplace will “adopt” students from a school or community organization, the gifts that will be ordered for the Day, and
Create a Budget:
Include costs for breakfast and/or lunch catering, a snack, gifts for the Day, materials for activities, and nametags.
Create an Agenda:
The agenda should include a listing of activities for the Day, the time and location of the activity, and what department/employee will be hosting the activity. If the girls and boys have been assigned to a group or particular activity that should be noted as well. Once in its final stages, the agenda should be given to all participants.
Create Attendee Sheet:
Include: parent/mentor name, their department, and contact information; child’s name, age, gender, and career interests.
Reserve Conference Room Space:
You can never plan too early. Secure space as soon as possible.
Capturing the Day:
Speak with your art and/or Web department to discuss uploading photos and related information for the Web site or intranet. Get volunteers to take pictures throughout the day or have girls and boys capture moments with an instant camera.


  • Meet with planning committee.
  • Order gifts for the Day.
  • Get decorations and/or materials for activities.
  • Confirm number of girls and boys.
  • Email parents/mentors the agenda. Note if schedule is tentative.
  • Encourage parents/mentors to notify child’s school of their participation.
  • Notify public relations department to announce your workplace participation in the event.
  • Review agenda and determine what is needed to successfully execute the activities.


  • Meet with volunteers as necessary.
  • Order breakfast.
  • Order lunch.
  • Buy or order snacks.
  • Re-confirm reservation of conference room space.
  • Create nametags.
  • Draft notes for welcome address.
  • Set up gifts for the Day.


  • Send a reminder email to staff.
  • Send updated agenda/schedule to participants.
  • Set up rooms.
  • Last minute details.


  • Send a thank you email to staff.
  • Post pictures on workplace Web site or intranet.
  • Visit Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Web site and tell us how your Day went.

ADOPTING A GROUP OF STUDENTS FOR THE DAY (additional checklist items)

Quick Research:
Find out if your workplace has a relationship with a local school or housing authority. If not, contact an area school or housing authority and express your company’s interest of bringing a group of students to participate in the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® program that you are coordinating.
Determine Number of Students:
Meet with planning committee to discuss how many students you can accommodate. Classroom sizes range but estimate about 30.
Set up a Meeting:
Schedule time for the school/community group contact to meet with you to discuss logistics. Things you want to cover in the meeting include: number of students, activities planned, time frame, how students will get to the workplace and back home, how many adults will chaperone students from the school/community organization, etc. Also be sure to ask the contact for suggestions, ideas and feedback. The contact should be included, and aware of the process and what is expected from her/his end.
Send an Invite :
Send a formal invitation to the class or group of students or a note stating that your company is excited that they will be participating in the Day.
Parent Permission:
Make sure you receive copies of the student permission forms. Before the form is signed you may want to discuss the language with your legal department. Is there an opportunity to put in liability information or security issues?
Send a Thank You Note:
After the Day is over send a thank you note to the students, the school, or community organization for their participation. Include photos of the Day.