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VJS Career Teaser Clips

Virtual Job Shadow have made these clips available for you to get a preview of some of their great content that we'll be featuring during our 2021 event.


Sales Executive


Fashion Buyer


Medical Technologist


Civil Engineeer



Past Event Clips

We’ve rounded up this selection of clips of past live events to get you excited about this year’s first ever virtual event. Please have a look, and while you’re at it, we invite you to also subscribe to our own YouTube channel because we’d like to add more video content in the coming weeks!


Orange County Government


DK Engineering


Utility Systems


San Joaquin RTD


Southwest Florida Water Management


Jamie Kaler – TV Host


City of Hialeah


2018 FIUHR Relations

Career Videos

Sit down with your kids and watch these successful Career Girls role models share valuable career and life advice to help pave the road to success. Perfect for mentors, teachers, parents, school counselors, and, of course, the Career Girls® Event Facilitator Guide is available for download on our Activity Guides page.

Career Exploration 101 (02:24)

Do you know an aspiring doctor or film director? How about a young person with a passion for social media or sports? It’s not too early for middle- and high-school-aged girls to begin thinking about careers. This video introduces role models with diverse careers who share what they like best about their work—including being paid to do something they love!

Why Choose STEM (01:23)

Young people hearing about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) may wonder, “What is STEM, and what can I do with it?” This video helps answer those questions. Inspiring role models working in each of the STEM disciplines share why STEM-related careers are an excellent choice—including that these careers typically pay more and are more likely to last. Plus, STEM fields offer exciting and rewarding opportunities!

Importance of Math (02:11)

Why do I need to learn math? That’s not an uncommon question for middle- and high-school students to ask. Watch this video with girls to help them understand why learning math is important—whatever career they may pursue. As the role models in this video point out, math is about so much more than memorizing things for that test tomorrow. Whether or not they seek math as a potential career, girls will discover that learning math is empowering, and that it provides tools for success in everyday life.

Engineering Careers (02:07)

Engineering is anything but boring! Role models working with cars, computers, space craft, the environment, and more quickly dispel any notion that engineering is dull or dreary. As they point out, engineering is about turning ideas and dreams into reality. They encourage girls to pursue engineering as a way to open the door to all kinds of opportunities that can help make the world a better place.

Technology Careers (01:32)

Why might girls want to consider a career in computing and technology? For starters, as role models in this video point out, there’s room to be a pioneer in many tech industries. Plus, technology is all around us, and the need to understand technology is fundamental in everything we do. Whether they enjoy problem solving or puzzles, girls will discover that learning how technology works will open doors.

Science Careers (01:26)

Studying science is empowering! That’s the message shared by role models in this video—among them, a Mars Rover Systems Engineer, an epidemiologist, a medical writer, and a DNA Sequencer. These role models stress the importance of women in science and help girls realize that there are no limitations to what they can do with a career in science.

Financial Literacy (01:35)

This video is all about money: how to make it, spend it, and put some away to build wealth. Role models encourage girls to think about their financial future as part of planning for future careers, including by learning to distinguish between what they want and what they need. Whether it’s birthday or babysitting money, girls will learn that it’s never too early to start thinking about their earnings and what they can do to grow their financial resources.

Become a Leader (01:56)

What does leadership really mean? The role models in this video explore this question to help girls understand how the leadership skills they develop can help them inspire others to get on board with whatever they want to accomplish. Role models discuss the difference between managing or supervising people and bringing out the best in them. They share tips for effective leadership, including listening to others but not being afraid to speak up.