Logos and Banners

Click on the links below the logo download a low-resolution copy for use only in workplace’s internal communication! (e.g. Emails, flyers and name tags.)


JPG format (2048 x 1152 | 153 KB) | PNG-8 format (2048 x 1152 | 107 KB)


These logo versions are low resolution and intended for paper printing only. If you'd like to print our logo on T-shirts or bags you'll need a high resolution version. We request a donation of $2 per unit you intend to print. Please contact us or call (800) 676-7780. For T-Shirt printing, you must download and complete our official request form, and email it to us.


Date & Donation Banners

Right-click on the banners below to download for use in your workplace’s internal communications!

Virtual TODASTW Day 2021 Banner

Wide Horizontal Banners


Narrow Horizontal Banners


Square Banners