Expanding Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day Coordinator Toolkit

On April 25, 2019, over 3.5 million employers will participate in Take Our Daughters And Sons© to Work Day. This toolkit is designed to provide you with resources to successfully expand your organization’s event beyond the children of employees. This toolkit will help you include young people who are typically unable to participate in this day, including foster youth, youth who may be at higher risk of dropping out of school or who may not have a parent with a job that allows them to bring their children to work.



Note: Do not send registration and Excused Absence Sample to the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation. These forms are provided for the convenience of the workplace coordinators and educators.

All statements of support can be submitted to us via e-mail. Proclamations can be sent to the following address: Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation, 209 East Fearing Street, Suite 1, Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Thank you for your support!

Bright Ideas Guide

Our Bright Ideas Guide contains helpful tips, successful activities, and useful forms for Workplace Organizers of Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day and was previously available through purchase but is now free to download. It includes The “Who We Are” Wall, Success Statues, Happiness Mini-Quilt, Making A Difference: Interviews, The Caring Tree, Guess Who? And much more.

Bright Ideas Guide

Official TODASTW®
Bright Ideas Guide

United States Senate

View a copy of SENATE RESOLUTION 424, dated April 13, 2016, which commends all participants of Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day for the ongoing contributions that the participants make to education and the vital role that the participants play in promoting and ensuring a brighter, stronger future for the United States.

View a copy of SENATE RESOLUTION 79, which specifically dedicates April 25, 2013 as Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day.